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A Dedicated Team of International Carbon Experts

Our Team of International Experts

FRANCESCO N. TUBIELLO, PhD—Founder, currently on leave at FAO, Rome.

Francesco is a climate change scientist with interests in terrestrial carbon cycle, with a focus on impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies for agriculture and forestry; food security; sustainability of energy use and methodologies for greenhouse gas emission mitigation. His research work has been funded by NOAA, NSF, NASA, UNDP, UNFCCC, OECD. He is lead author of the IPCC WGII report on climate change and a UNFCCC expert for CDM and JI projects under the Kyoto Protocol.  He is a graduate of NYU and Columbia University.

GEZA TOTH, M.Sc.— Lead Project Manager, Global Operations

Geza specializes in mitigation strategies for land-based systems, including agriculture and forestry. He specializes in linking carbon development with social impacts and sustainability issues.  He has worked on several projects in Canada, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Geza has a degree in Natural Resources Management from BOKU University Vienna and Lincoln University, New Zealand. He is currently pursuing a PhD in environmental economics in Vienna.

ARIF M. GOHEER, PhD— Director, Islamabad

Goheer specializes in impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies in land-based systems. He has experience in developing renewable biomass energy projects to sustain rural communities, as well as in projects aimed at displacing fossil fuel power via use of biomass residues in large agricultural areas.  He is an agronomist with a degree from Islamabad University.

ZHAN TIAN, PhD— Director, Shanghai

Zhan is the Chief of Climate Change Research of the Shanghai Regional Climate Administration. He has developed significant experience in the science of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in both rural and urban settings. He has experience in linking science-based tools with relevant constituencies necessary for project development and implementation.  Zhan has a science background with a degree from Bejiing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

PETER G. NEOFOTIS, BS— Consultant, New York

Peter provides support to GET-Carbon for North America, specializing in the Voluntary Carbon market and the CCX. Peter has a background in terrestrial ecology and linkages to climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation. He is a graduate of Columbia University. Peter is also an acclaimed author of literary pieces and we are proud of it.

MARK P. McHENRY, BS— Consultant, Western Australia

Mark provides support to GET-Carbon for Australia and New Zealand, specializing in the Voluntary Carbon market and JI projects. Mark has a background in energy efficiency, farm management and land restoration, with a focus on the synergies between adaptation and mitigation solutions. He holds a B.S. in Energy Systems from Murdoch University, where he is currently a Ph.D. candidate. Mark is also an active farmer during part of the year.

KAZI F. AMHED, M.Sc.— Associate Specialist, US and Middle East

Kazi brings to GET-Carbon her strong expertise in CDM issues, including outreach to the African region, as well as experience in Adaptation and Mitigation activities for the Middle East, with a focus on water issues. Kazi has work extensively as a consultant for UNDP, the New York Economic Development Corporation, and the Audubon Society. She is currently a consultant to the World Bank in the area of Climate Change and Mitigation. Kazi holds a Master of International Affairs in Environmental Policy, with a focus on Climate Change, from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, and a B.A. in Economics also from Columbia University.

ALIOU BA, M.Sc.— Associate Expert, West Africa

Mr. Aliou Ba is founding director of EDEN Group International, an environmental firm active in climate change and carbon offset projects in Africa. Aliou brings to GET-Carbon his strong CDM expertise for the African continent, with a focus on energy issues. He currently serves as president of the Senegalese Association for Solar energy. Aliou holds an MBA form the University of Quebec, and a Master degree in Science and Technology from the University of Valenciennes-France.

LIVIU GHEORGHE, M.Sc.— Associate Expert, Romania

Liviu is founding director of ECO2Ro, an environmental firm active in climate change and carbon offset projects in Eastern Europe. Mr. Gheorge brings to GET-Carbon strong JI expertise, with a focus on energy issues, especially renewables such as wind and bioenergy. He is currently an advisor to the European Council of Energy on Renewables.


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