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Clients, Carbon & Climate Projects

We develop and market carbon offset projects that help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and combat global warming. We focus on renewable energy, agriculture and forestry projects. Our aim is to help clients find carbon crediting opportunities within their own production chains and everyday activities.

Our strong focus is on rural development, ensuring that our clients receive carbon credits of the highest quality, i.e., offsets that help fight climate change but also improve ecosystem health and create jobs for local communities.

Our carbon solutions fully respect the food security and sustainable development needs of local people. Examples are carbon sequestration using orchards --providing carbon offsets but also valuable food and income for communities--and renewable energy projects that distribute tangible, direct benefits to their neighbors. Our recent clients include:

FERRERO S.p.a, The fabulous maker of Nutella! Learn all about carbon offsets and nutella

CEZ sro, The number one power utility in Central Europe

FAO, The UN Agency fighting hunger worldwide!

the WORLD BANK, World's most famous development bank

ADB, the Asian Development Bank. See video

Top Projects

WORLD BANK AZS: Agro-Zone Simulator. Preliminary Report Released. Assessing impacts of climate change on agriculture in Latin America; Devising efficient response strategies

Nutella and voluntary Carbon Credits from Afforestation in Georgia. Now VALIDATED. Go to project webpage or learn about carbon sequestration rates in hazelnut trees (request via email)

ERU JI Kyoto Emission Reductions: Cogealac, 252 MW Wind Park in Romania. Now Validated! See Determination Report. Go to PDD

FAO Report on Soil and Water Resources under Climate Change highlights "Adaptation Carbon"




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